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The right solutions saves time and expense.  But what is the cost of the almost right solution?  We have all received poor guidance and been frustrated by extra expenses, lost opportunities, wasted time and lack of recourse with our "expert".   At Endorfan we appreciate that you want the right long term and short term solution for your situation.   To make sure that that is the case we use the following 6 questions to evaluate our solutions:


1. Do the solutions solve the problems? 

2. Is there a more efficient way to achieve similar results? 

3. Will the solution yield lasting value? 

4. Will the solution still prove cost efficient over time? 

5. Does the solution itself lead to additional problems or expenses? 

6. Do we know enough about the client's business to form an opinion on the previous 5 questions?


Today the term "consultant" has been expanded to include a short term hourly employment relationship of little long term value or consequence.  This also is a poor reflection on the level of service often associated with the modern consultant.  At Endorfan we believe that there is a high standard of foresight, judgment, competence and accountability that goes along with the term Consultant.  While nobody can know everything an "expert" should share some accountability for their guidance. 

In the world of technical support most firms focused on maximizing billable hours.  Endorfan worries about efficient solutions.  Every bill we write itemizes the solutions you received and warrantees that the result will stand the test of time.  If the work proves ineffective or incomplete over a reasonable length of time we will either re-do the work for free or return your money.  Referrals and repeat business is built on trust. 


Trust is based on mutually appreciated accountability.  While we maintain lots of fine websites we freely admit that this website is not how we generate business. Each client treated well will need additional future services or know somebody desperately in need of similar services.  That is how we do it.  We impress one client at a time with our knowledge, service and integrity.  Our clients also appreciate that they get personal service from the same consultant.  Having a somebody that they can call or text when they are in a jam who remembers their situation, understands their business and immediately can help formulate a solution or provide guidance.   We start with new clients but end up with new friends. 


Many people need business support services but have difficulty finding a consultant who takes responsibility for quality results.  Endorfan  bills you only the results you need.  Keeping your costs within your control and your budget.


Some small companies set higher standards and inspire us all through their quality results and growth.  Our experience with fortune 1000 firms taught us how best practices can not be shortcut on the road to success.  While Enron and Arthur Anderson did many things well in the end they paid dearly for taking shortcuts.  Small companies are also most efficient with the same best practices.  However, they are under even more pressure to  make the right business choices.


Endorfan strives to offer unique values to our clients.  In all cases our service were built on the combination of hands on experience and time tested best practices.   We strive for partnerships where both sides goals are aligned.  So, rather than charging by the hour, we usually charge by the objective or result.  This way both parties can plan their own resources while  keeping our focused on your needs.  Our clients choose Endorfan because they need problems solved.  They do not need an  expensive surprise. 


Endorfan is now at Trusted CTO.com

After years of html posting we decided to mover our web site to Word Press and also create a domain that more accurately tells our story.  Find all the same great our endorfan services at our new name:  TrustedCTO.



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