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A sales professional must not merely lead, but lead in a way that customers can confidently follow.  Building the proper posture and methods is essential to winning a customers trust.  Marketing is never a matter of merely being in the right place at the right time.  It is a consistently applied strategy accurately reflects your integrity and yields a predictable result.  All small companies like Honor Roll must develop marketing processes that work.  Endorfan helps young companies define marketing strengths, methods and procedures which build your sales funnel and fund your business.  We also build the tools which guide customers visually during presentations through our coop marketing division.  See CoopPros.

Management:  A growing company's scarcest resource is management time.  Endorfan's award winning management experience has helped many organizations get off to a new start and set productivity standards.  20 years of management has taught us that happy employees  still want to take pride in their performance.  It is easier to set-up systems to align their goals with yours support our mutual goals than to fight an employees needs.  Sometimes you have to team up people with opposite strengths, setting them up to win and monitoring their progress. Once systems are in place, in the end  all you have to do is get out of the way and let staff get about the business of earning the compensation and respect they desire.



During time of growth you'll need a team members who shares the vision and passion and your undying desire to succeed.  A true team player who sets the standard for professionalism, leading by example yet work independently. Setting the tone of cooperation and inspire other staff forward and upward. 


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