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What Endorfan Clients Say:

We used to have computer troubles every day.  Spyware, viruses, pop-ups, spam, lost network connections.  Worst we were always buying new equipment that would quickly fail.  There were times we spent more time fixing our computers than using them.  Then Endorfan came in and took an inventory of our problems, resources and business plan.  They worked within our budget and were very reasonable.  Endorfan created order out of CHAOS!.  Now our systems are stable, backed up and fully protected.  What’s more I know that whatever could go wrong we could recover quickly cheaply and completely.  I can not see why anybody would call anybody else.  What is more Endorfan stands behind its work.   Tim and Tom Owners: Belgio’s Catering. Naperville, IL

One of the biggest challenges of running a competitive traveling soccer club is communication with a hundred parents.  One of our "Dads" is with Endorfan Consulting.  He created an automatic phone tree or "Tele-mail" system that in case of a rain out can call everybody; simultaneously at every phone number.  Next he helped us put  some of our transactions through PayPal to make our banking easier.   Finally he donated a web page and a weBlog keeps us all communicating.    Want to know what is up with us?  Check out www.ChallengersSoccer.com  The site is pretty simple but many parents check it dailyDon McBride - Naperville Challengers Soccer Club


Our software old Software vendor was charging us an arm and a leg for sub standard products and services while always blaming my systems for their failures.  Endorfan came in and fully overhauled my systems.  Converted me to updated hardware of my choice and helped me avoid costly software upgrades.  They even talked with our software and hardware vendors and I saved us thousands of dollars.  I enjoyed having Endorfan involved in every aspect of my computer needs.  Phil Trowbridge.  Trowbridge and Trowbridge - Debut Collections - Downers Grove IL


I saw a friend’s website Endorfan had done and just had to have one too.  I had no idea where to start.  Endorfan just asked me a bunch of easy questions, gathered some photos and data and then emailed me a link to my new site a few days later.  The 1st draft was so good that we only had to fill in a few blanks and it was perfect!  My new website is a dream come true. The cost was very reasonable and came with a year of updates for no additional charge.  Nichelle - Personal Trainer - Naperville IL


We have had lots of computer consultants come in and attempt to fix several problems.  I was very frustrated with the expense and poor results  Our system was so unstable that I was afraid to let anybody touch anything.  But I felt I could trust the guy from Endorfan.  At first he just asked a bunch of questions to learn how we worked and a little about our history with computers and the network.  Then he went to work.  Within a couple of hours he had fixed several computers and solved all of our network issues. 


I travel occasionally and I use a laptop for presentations.  He even added email to my laptop so I am accessible when I travel yet my desktop is unaffected.  What is more as a not for profit he gave me the best service I have ever had yet at discounted prices.  Now staff can’t blame our computers for keeping them from getting work done.  Next time I have them out I will request they set up support through a VPN so that they can fix things remotely.  I have no reservations about recommending Endorfan to my friends and especially to Not-for Profit Agencies.  Joe Schmitt - Meet the Wilderness (Not for Profit)  Vail CO


We have a network of computers in our home office.  With the large family 2 teachers and a business run from home our computers take a beating.  I had Endorfan build me fast a computer for my music business.  At 1st I was impressed because it was so fast and so low cost.  However after some abuse and neglect we managed to completely follow it up with viruses and hackers etc.  I called Endorfan.  To our amazement Endorfan was prepared for our mistakes by doing something called a ghost image of the software partition.  In just a few minutes everything was good as new and we did not loose any data or software.  Thanks Endorfan! You are a lifesaver.  Cindy and Steve Baney - Moriah Music Fishers Indiana. 


 I am an attorney but was out of the workforce for awhile raising a family.  Now I am back and dealing with clients but I was having trouble learning all the new technology.  It was sometimes embarrassing.  Endorfan fixed my trouble over the phone and then trained me how to use MS outlook more efficiently.  It was like he was reading my mind.  He knew what I needed to know and how to say it.  For a computer guy he really knew a lot about people.  I am now proud to be a power user in Outlook and use it everydayChristie - Lawyer - Oakbrook IL


My computer was so slow and I got pop-ups all the time.  The pop-ups were very inappropriate for a family computer.  I called Best Buy because I got my computer there.  They wanted $200 just to delete everything and reload from the recovery CD.  They would not even attempt to keep my software, or data or email settings etc.  For the same fee Endorfan backed up data, reloaded OS, added, added security and Spyware protections, tweaked out the personal email settings etc and set up my printers etc.  Most importantly they helped me buy a firewall to prevent the same problems from coming back.  The service was very valuable, thorough, and reasonable compared to my other options.  I sent my friends to Endorfan and they got similarly excellent service  Jose:  Elgin, IL


We are starting a new web based business in the Human Resources field.  We needed help with not only tech support but with Marketing presentations, hardware, software the works.  We hired Endorfan as our “part time CTO”  They are simply lifesavers.   What they can do with computers, marketing and even Artwork is amazing.  Endorfan’s versatility and quick response time makes them uniquely suited to help and guide our growing firm.  Laurie, Naperville, (President of a new HR Company)


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