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Endorfan uses the solid principles of IT best practices to protect your work, operating system, software,  and hardware investment.  Unfortunately all of these things are at risk everyday.  With a little work, training and guidance from Endorfan your systems can be a much more stable, reliable, secure and efficient.  The end result?  Productivity!


Endorfan Technical Services offer the best value possible making your work easier.  Ask Endorfan about unique options like “Fixed Fee Estimates” or “1st hour free" (to qualified new clients).  Warranted Results, and discounts to referred "Not-for-Profit" clients.  All rare in the computer support industry.  Endorfan can do these things because we are confident in our work and our outstanding customer service.  We minimize our response time and develop long term relationships by only working with clients where there is a good fit for our service quality.

Large companies have CTOs and IT departments who to plan and implement best practice strategies customized for efficiency within their company.  Smaller workgroups have the same technical challenges but lack the expertise resulting in a flurry of wasted time and resources.  If you don’t have a full time CTO or IT then Endorfan fill the void with Endorfan.


We have extensive experience helping clients: 

  • Manage, diagnose, fix, upgrade, replace,  and/or migrate PC hardware, network components and network systems.

  • Repair, reload, speed up, update, patch or reinstall, systems troubled with viruses, spy ware, or other software issues.

  • Plan and implement goal orientated technological solutions to business processes.

  • Evaluate and recommend technology to improve the experience of your customers.

  • Observe, support and teach staff and management more effective ways to use technology.

  • Prioritize tasks and objectives for short term budgets, capital expenditures, and forecasts. 

  • Implement best practice procedures for hardware, software, security risk management, backup and disaster recovery.

  • Reduce long term costs by developing and migrating to workstation configuration standards.  (Ask about our tack record for seamless implementation of small and large scale hardware and software migrations).

  • Develop and manage websites and web tools.  Supervise web and software developers.

  • Communicate with external ASP, ISP, equipment, web hosting and other technical service providers.

A little more for a little less. With our experience it is hard to not take a little time evaluating the computer and adding or removing minor things that will make it work faster. We normally go off script a little to do a little more for our clients. That said we rarely bill for items not specifically requested. When you compare our bills to the competition we are usually lower. That is not including that that we will bill you only for results that can not be assumed from other techs in our industry.

Techs may assist with some routine maintenance tasks during the service call that may not have been specifically requested. Depending on the circumstances we may not billed you for the routine maintenance tasks I completed in "spare time" during tech call. However to keep a computer running at its best routine maintenance is necessary. We will often suggest additional DIY tasks on our bill or on our on our tips website.

Computers need routine maintenance just like your automobiles or teeth.  You can save time and money by doing many preventative maintenance tasks yourself. However, do it yourselfers (DIY's) make lots of time mistakes. Doing the wrong things or doing things wrong. Get our free Tech guidance at: www.endorfan.com/tips     As Ben Franklin said: "A stitch in time saves nine"


PC back up and restore:  Like light bulbs, computer hard drives, batteries, motherboards, power supplies, and other parts will wear out after a limited number of hours powered on. Protect your valuable data by backing up your data to alternate media and turning your computers off when not in use.  We are alos experts in creating Ghost images to protect your personalized configurations.  These images can save you dozens of hours in re-setting up a crashed system.

We feel our billing standards are the most fair in the industry. To allow customers to weigh repair and replacement options wisely, many "shop time" projects are capped per project. This way we often can save your old hardware, data and configurations for a fixed cost. The time standards above represent our "shop time" standards for a task. Unfortunately, "On site time" is effected by client interruptions, slow computers, and complexities of multiple conflicting problems. In the lab or similar conditions, many tasks take much longer but can be billed at just standard  "Shop time" because they can run partially unattended while the tech multi-tasks to other billable tasks. "Shop time "can be more cost efficient when you are billed for "tech on task time" only. Onsite work is billed at straight time but if there is a volume of work the tech will multi tasking efficiently whenever possible.

Warrantee of Services: Because we value earning your trust, Endorfan stands behind our work and bills on a basis of "completed values." If you are billed for a service that is ineffective we will re do the work for free or refund you for the related services (at our option). As Endorfan does not bill for manufacturing hardware and software we can not promise to "buy back" hardware or software we purchased on your behalf. Whenever practical, Endorfan will cooperate to enable you to follow through with your retailer or manufacturer for any applicable warrantees.

To keep our intentions pure Endorfan techs make no money selling or resell hardware or software. We feel this would create a conflict if interests.   Tech who are on commission have a needless pressure to recommend personally profitible solutions.  On the other hand we are willing to assist with technology purchases on a time and an expense reimbursement basis only.

Ask about flat rate services like:

SMA, Simple Maintenance Assistance (per computer) update antivirus, update anti-SpyWare, Express Microsoft updates, Start proactive Scans but client finishes longer scans, chooses repairs and reports results.  This is guided DIY support.

Automated PC Back up Configuration: Ask client about important data. Configure back-ups train client on routine back ups of specific data. Routine data backup requires diligent monitoring to be effective. Note: The most effective backups are those to media stored off site safe from theft, fire and floods etc. (Back up media or storage options are discussed but expenses are extra).

RPM: Routine Preventative Maintenance, SMA above plus: Driver Updates, reinstall protective Software, Registry Cleanup, Install Major Service packs, re-organize start menu's, Remove extra internet explorer tool bars and programs, Install or update, Acrobat Reader, shockwave, Flash, and Java. Open Desktop case if applicable and blow out fans etc. Recommend specific RAM upgrades if applicable.

SVR: Simple Virus or Malware Removal : If you computer has slowed down, has pop-ups, or issues virus warnings you have issues that need to be removed. Will log system performance, scan and remove viruses using quick scans and the SMA above.

AVR: Advanced Virus or Malware Removal: When SVR fails to be effective we back up your data if possible, pull the hard drive and scan it from a special lab computer. If after the scans the Operating System is still intact or can be repaired will complete RPM above to hinder re-infection.

Email Client Configuration: Set up Outlook , Outlook express, Apple Mail or PDA. Must have your login and password for popular standard email servers. Or corp. or unique domains will also need pop and smtp server specs. Note email server settings can change or expire causing email to fail. If so this service will need to be repeated.

Write Email Client Configuration Specs: research and document outlook email set up instructions for remote or DIY email configurations

Email Back up and Restore: Changing email servers will require email to be backed, reformatted and loaded onto email client. Also coordination and client contact is required to insure custom data accessibility fits client needs. 


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