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Sagevone Story:

Looking for a better deal in our home phone bill I began the search for lower coat and lots of features.  We began with good faith and intention to change to SageVone Internet Phone Service for $20/mo.  They advertised many features, and for 75% savings and that we could keep our number to boot.  When I called they told me that there was a 30 day trial before you commit to their service.  I have since learned that the the sad story about VOIP in general is that you can experience deplorable customer service Across the board.  These services are competing for low dollar costs and seam to cut every corner.  Sagevone for example has poorly conceived technical support processes.   They take short cuts and made assumptions that resulted in lots of down time and many mis-understandings about services offered and packages.  So whatever system you install I would sign up at 1st for just a very small package and no commitment.  Once you are happy with the service for a few months then maybe consider porting your phone number.  If you read the customer service sections of www.voipreviews.org you will find 2 kinds of reviews:  1. People who hate their provider and 2. Reviewers who work for the provider. 

Once you know that it will be obvious which are which.  For example, I called SageVone on Feb 5 to find out about their distribution list feature advertised as "Macro Messaging on voip reviews.  I was told they could not answer the question but they had a 30 day trial period.  I bit and took the risk and signed up on Feb 6th.  I was billed by Mid Feb $270 for a year of service.  By March 5 I did not have any service so began making more calls to them.  By March 19 I had wrestled up service but my number was not ported until March 28 (while I was out of town).  By March 20 I already knew that the service had lots of shortcomings and was not as described.  I asked to be refunded and to have my number not ported.  I was told the 30 day trial period did not apply to me based on some loop whole I could never identify. Their excuse was that their site was down.  I asked for a supervisor to give me a call.  2 weeks later I have not herd from the supervisor.  I have written many times and received some answers.  Many unanswered service questions.  For example: If you enable any of the call forwarding options you can not access my voicemail.  I loose voicemail access regularly.  I loose service regularly, even when my band with is excellent.  I have spent well over 15 hours on the phone with them or documenting issues or getting things properly configured.   The kicker:  Remember the feature that I wanted to ask that question about on Feb 5th..  On April 2nd I got this email:

"This is _____ with the (sagevone) support team. Voice message call distribution will only work with numbers within our network and associated with your group. You may encourage your distribution list to sign-up with SageVone so that they can enjoy our message distribution service at no additional fee.  SageVone rates are competitive and we offer quality service.  




Finally, considering the effort that we have put into working with you and our prompt response to your needs; we expect that your reviews on us will be honest and truthful as we have been with you." 


(Of course no support would have been necessary if they had their act together).  Anyway if you find a good reliable VOIP service we all want one so drop me a note

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